Silva Harapetian

My name is Silva and I am here against all odds.
I’ve always had a vision of making an impact, using the spotlight to broadcast my message and being a voice for my community.

However, I was born in a country where women are considered property. They are easily disposable and do not ever have a voice.

My early life didn’t seem to have much of a promise let alone that of a spotlight.

As a Christian-Armenian living in Iran I witnessed a revolution, lived through a devastating war and escaped terrifying political and religious persecution.

Life in the United States seemed full of promise but it proved to be full of challenges.

As a teenager I found myself struggling to find ways to fit in two worlds; I often felt confused, conflicted and alone. I didn’t speak or understand a lick of English. I spent most of my teen and young adult years trying to assimilate but felt as though I was held hostage by ancient traditions while being teased by the freedoms of the West.

Can you imagine watching everyone around you live openly, exercising every educational and professional opportunity and freedom available, but finding yourself forced to sit on the side-lines? But as they say, it is through our challenges that we find our purpose. In struggling to find my way I found comfort in telling other people’s stories of struggle, breakthrough and change. I found hope in giving others a voice and discovered my work made an impact.

Perhaps it was my own life journey that drew me to a career of storytelling. I have always felt it my responsibility to use my voice to speak the truth when others couldn’t, to promote education when others didn’t and shine a spotlight on injustice when others wouldn’t.

I feel very fortunate to be living in this country where I have the freedom of expression and opportunity. I have been blessed in America with a great education and career, something as a woman in Iran, I would never have been able to pursue!

But, telling stories for fun wasn’t enough. I was on a mission to pursue a career in the broadcast journalist industry. After graduating college I declared with a very thick Iranian-Armenian accent that I was going to be a television journalist.

“For someone who’s English is her 4th language to want to pursue a career in broadcast journalism,” they said, “I lacked common sense.”

Pursuing a broadcast journalism career seemed madness. For more than a year and a half, every media job I applied for rejected me. When I finally landed a gig as a writer, I was told I would NEVER make it on the airwaves.

“You looked too ethnic. Your features were too strong. Your accent sounded forging. Your voice doesn’t sound smooth.” Some even implied that my body type didn’t fit the mold. I simply ignored everyone.

I wish I could tell you I knew what I was doing at the time, but I didn’t. I simply stayed focused and believed that if I worked hard enough it would work out. That, and I never took no for an answer. I figured, if I could survive a revolution, a war, an orchestrated escape through two countries; endure high school bullies, AP Biology and University level English classes with no real English skills, I considered myself a highly favored survivor who was destined to thrive.

Thanks to some awesome mentors and an amazing supportive family, I paved a path to stardom as one of the very first Armenian-Americans in the broadcast news industry. 20-years later, I am privileged to say that I am a professional writer, broadcast journalist, an entrepreneur and author. I have told thousands of stories that have changed lives, made an impact in communities, changed policy and continue to influence the masses.

I’ve been living a dream. I’ve worked as an award-winning journalist for CBS, ABC and NBC; as a television personality and media expert who was featured in online and print magazines as well as television and radio shows, internationally and nationally including NBC’s “The Today Show” with Kathie Lee & Hoda and syndicated talk show, “The Nate Berkus Show.”

I believe that nothing is impossible and everything is as Marie Forleo says is “figuroutable.” There is no one-way to achieve a goal. If you focus on following your passion and living out your purpose, the process of getting to your goal will always reveal itself.

I firmly believe that by sharing my unique life journey and telling my EPIC story of survival, tenacity and persistence publicaly is what has contributed to my success. The very thing that many thought hindered me, made me different, the thing that made people say I would never make it, is what has brought me this far.

Now I am committed to helping entrepreneurs amplify their impact in the world. I teach people how to use their voice to broadcast their story, live a purposeful life and become a powerful influence in business.

I do this through my video segments where I feature ordinary people with extraordinary stories and teach people how to produce their own videos. I offer online courses, live workshops and one-on-one training.

The imperfections in my life have given me the gift to see other people’s unique stories; their EPIC failures and breakthroughs. It’s what makes me the EXPERT in crafting a message that creates a long-term memorable brand that is relevant and brings value to the people who want what you have.

I know you may think you are facing some challenges and that you are not ready to share your story with the world yet. But, I’m living proof that our obstacles and failures do not define us. Facing adversity and rising above it, are the stories of legends. It is up to us to share with the world how our unique journeys have made us who we are and at times even contribute to our success.

The world needs to hear about your journey and experiences. Your story matters, because real, authentic stories make an impact in the world. Your power lies in your ability to simply BE YOU. Your power lies in your ability to tell your story: You are one story away from changing your life and impacting someone else’s life and that my friends, is worthy of the spotlight.

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