Dana Macc

Dana Macc

May 15, 2015 official, Speaker II 0

Dana Macc credits her no-stress approach to yoga and meditation that she has practiced Hatha Yoga since 1999 with Steve Ross of Inhale and Robin Downes of Yoga Flava. She has studied under the tutelage of Karuna Yoga Instructor Kelly Wood. What brought Dana to yoga? It was the desire to connect to the interrelationship between the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of the practice that piqued her interest. She wanted to seek a new way to challenge her body and incorporate the self-realization and inner peace that is inextricably connected to practicing yoga. “Inner peace is your health, you cannot progress in anything worthwhile and not attend to your inner self, that’s where your heart is, your passion, your creativity”.
There’s something to be said about a person who can manage the rough terrain of the entertainment business as a publicist and still keep smiling throughout the years. She stands as a behemoth in her five-foot frame, respectfully characterized as a feisty hard-nosed go-getter by clients, friends and family members alike. Dana gives insight to the world of public relations, life-lessons and an intimate look into the woman behind two lucrative brands in her I AM Success speeches. “Each level of success required a different me. Most people have no idea I have two degrees and a Master’s degree in education, I stay motivating myself” Dana professes. That common thread of motivation in the “leveling up” is what sparked the idea for her t-shirt company, Seeing Real Success which has translated into a platform for motivational speaking, a meditation CD and activism in the community. “I originally created SRS because of a cocky retort from my favorite cousin Johnny when I asked him about an old friend. When he replied, “Oh he ain’t seen no real success” I was so astonished ad intrigued by his response I typed into my iPhone and built the company off that premise.” I am a grateful to be able to spread a message of courage, power and self-acceptance through a holistic approach.

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